My Healthy Carrot Cake

Sucrées / vendredi, juillet 24th, 2015

Really this is one of my preferred cakes, it’s yummy and healthy I cannot get enough of it! I could actually almost all of it on my own.

My family who knows only traditionnal French food was very surprised the first time I made them try my cake and they actually loved it!

I preferred it without the frosting on top, I do like frosting but I find it often too sweet in most cakes.

Although it is not very well known in France it is one of the most popular cakes of Switzerland!

Very easy to make here are the ingredients :

– 90g of all-purpose flour

– 80g of brown sugar

– 180g of grated carrots

– 2 eggs

– 1 spoon of coconut oil

– 6 walnuts

– 1 bag of baking powder

– 3 big pinches of cinnamon

How :

Pre-heat your oven at 180°C

Grate your carrots if it is not already done

Crush the walnuts (literrally;-))

Mix the 2 eggs with the brown sugar

Then add the other ingredients

Butter your cake mold before pouring the mixt

Finally cook for 30/35 min

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