Café Pinson : King of gluten/dairy free

To all the preachers of these new diets “Gluten free” “Dairy free” or both Café Pinson is the place for you and luckly there are 3 of them in Paris!

However boys and girls today I am going to speak to you about the one in the 10th district of Paris! Located in the well-known street “Rue Faubourg-Poissonnière” Café Pinson is a little restaurant full of charm. Serving mainly breakfasts, light lunches, cakes and take-aways.

The homely restaurant is decorated with tiles, furniture from the sixties, graphic prints, cushions and teal blue walls… Everything to make you want to stay there for hours while drinking a dairy free cappuccino made with almond milk. The interior designer is Dorothée Meilichzon who also decorated a few places in Paris such as the Hôtel Paradis, the Fish Club, the Beef and the Expérimental Cocktail Club… I would love to hire her to decorate my place 🙂 !

Like most places like this one in Paris, the restaurant is pretty small and quickly full so while I am waiting for my organic partner in crime I am placed by the windows, this mean we will be sat next to each other like in a bar rather than face to face, never mind… To start the detox I take the juice of the pinson detox

As for the menu it varies almost everyday, I took for 14€ a plate of crispy lentils and buckwheat, humus, sweet potatoes, mesclun, cabbage… Oh boy it was tasteful…

As for desserts, not much room left but I still took a gluten-free madeleine with a regular coffee.

Conclusion: Whether you can or cannot it dairy and/or gluten I recommend this place as it is cozy, the food is fresh and organic, the staff is polite and not overly priced. It makes you discover how good “natural” food can be. While making this article I discovered that they had a new one in the 16th, I cannot wait to try it, 5 min away from my work.

Café Pinson (website)

58, rue du Faubourg-Poissonière

75010 Paris

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