My Experience at CHI, The Spa

Lifestyle / jeudi, avril 14th, 2016

Located at the luxurious China World Hotel Summit Wing, CHI, The Spa, is a place where to escape in the large city of Beijing. For a city get away without getting out of the City it is the place to be!

There, my partner and I, had the opportunity to be in a duo nicely decorated room to receive our treatment « Aroma Vitality Massage« . It is a gentle to medium pressure massage that brings together elements of Swedish, Shiatsu and lymphatic drainage combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils. It is designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy. It lasts 60 or 90 minutes, we chose 60 minutes (too much goodness can be fatal :-p)

Cabine duo mise en place

Welcomed by an English fluent receptionist who offered us to  sit in a waiting lounge area where she offered us complimentary welcome green tea. She then came to explain the massage we had reserved and made us recommendations for us to choose the best massage to suit our needs and expectations. Her recommendations were useful as the massage « Tui Na Massage » that I had initially booked would have not suited our needs so we followed her expert advice with trust. She then brought us a questionnaire to fill in order for us to give more information about us and select on a drawing which parts of the body we wanted the therapist to focus on or/and avoid.

We then had to choose the oil we wanted to be used in the massage. We were given five bottles – each with a unique blend of essential oils – and asked to pick out my favorite scent.

The receptionist finally introduced us to our also English fluent therapists who escorted us to the treatment room which was decorated of wood and brown colors.

Firstly we were escorted to the treatment room’s own changing room where light pink-coloured “CHI, The Spa” bathrobe and slippers were provided. The bathrobe and slippers are very cozy, comfy and fluffy and felt more like a dressing gown rather than a bathrobe.

We were then escorted to the sofa of the treatment room where two basins with warm water were prepared. CHI, The Spa protocol includes a foot scrub before any treatment that lasts from 5 to 10 min at the same time of enjoying a cup of green tea (it was difficult for me to make myself at ease, having never received a foot massage before).

At the beginning of the treatment, therapist makes sure you are happy with room temperature and music. At the end of the treatment you are slowly “waken up” by a warm humid towel on your feet, then the therapist lifts the back seat the table massage and brings you water giving you time to rise gently.

Note that in Asian, therapists are very strong handed! So be careful for what you ask for!

What I enjoyed the most: The beauty of the room and the kindness of the staff. You really feel that you are taken care of and you have that feeling of being far away from your everyday life.

What I enjoyed the least: If I have to say one thing is that I am not very comfortable with receiving a foot massage, apart from that everything was great!


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