It’s not Yam’Tcha but « Miam’Tcha » !

Lifestyle / lundi, juillet 6th, 2015

Located in a small street of the fancy 1st district, Yam’Tcha is a little Chinese jewl of Paris.

Who said tea was not fun and only for old ladies to drink in the afternoon?! This shop makes you rediscover tea like you have never tried it before… Specially selected by their tea master Chi Wah Chan it is served with a yummy baozi, mostly known as bao, a steamed bun made with wheat flour and filled with meat or vegetarian fillings such as tofu or vegetables.

The store is managed by Henri, a charming host who knows how to make his guests feel welcome. Twice the shop has hosted evening events to promote their teas & baos throughout various tea based cocktails. You can enjoy a sweet or savoury bao with a tea cocktail for 15€ or 10€ for an alcohol free cocktail. For me it was a smoked tofu bao with a alcohol free jasmin tea and ginger cocktail.


Also the shop serves baos to take away and if you prefer a proper meal, the boutique has a restaurant located in the famous Rue Saint-Honoré, after months of refurbs the restaurant is opened since May, and it is already a massive success but quiet highly priced.

Boutique Yam’Tcha (website)

4, Rue Sauval

75001 Paris

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