One Tasty Bakery Shop in The Left Bank of Paris : The Smiths Bakery

Lifestyle / dimanche, juillet 5th, 2015

It had been such a long time that I had not been in the 6th district of Paris and I really wonder why because it is such a nice area of Paris full of history and beautiful architecture .

Located in the cute Rue de Buci, the Bakery Shop offers a wide range of tradionnal French pastries, cakes, sandwiches, salads on display. Everything looks good and tempting, if only I could go there every week to taste everything, it is way too hard to decide.

But sometimes you have to make a decision and I took a freshly made bagel with salmon & cream cheese (6,50€). Bagels, club sandwiches and burgers are freshly made to order. You can choose from regular bagel, wholewheat bagel or sesame bagels.

I heard the cookie is to die for but the bagel had the best of me and I did not have enough room to try any sweet treat!

If you are an ice cream lover well they have a Berthillon ice cream stand, a must try! Berthillon serves the best luxury ice creams and sorbets of Paris. This French ice cream brand is famous since 1961!

Berthillon Ice Cream Stand
Berthillon Ice Cream Stand

The Smiths Bakery (website)

12, Rue de Buci

75006 Paris

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