Light Savoury Cakes by La Cuisine de Morgane


As tomorrow I am preparing a picnic for my birthday I thought I would make a light savoury cake as it is simple to take away and almost everyone enjoys them. As birthday weekend meant a lot of eating and drinking I thought I would go for a light version of it. I decided to […]

19 juin 2015

Chia Fresca : Energy Drink


Tonight I am trying a new thing because I just finished worked it is late, I don’t feel like eating just before going to bed and the drink is quiet filling. Tonight I am making Chia Fresca, a natural energy drink. Apparently it has ben a popular drink in Mexico & Central America for a while. It’s made […]

18 juin 2015

Café Pinson : King of gluten/dairy free

Un peu de tout

To all the preachers of these new diets « Gluten free » « Dairy free » or both Café Pinson is the place for you and luckly there are 3 of them in Paris! However boys and girls today I am going to speak to you about the one in the 10th district of Paris! Located in the well-known […]

18 juin 2015